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How To Sell My Hotel | Register and Advertise Hotel for Sale

It is free to register and advertise your hotel for sale, project or hotel for lease, check the Hotel Seller registration area and get your free hotel for sale advert up and running in few minutes. If you already registered you can enter the Hotel Seller Login page to manage your advert. Our system is built for owners who want to sell their own property. Of course we welcome agents and realtors since selling a hotel very often involves a professional intermediary person. Nevertheless only one property can be advertised for each registered seller. If you want to advertise more than one hotel property, you can register a separate account with a unique email for each property for sale.

Sell Hotel

HotelBeam Hotels For Sale is the right place to list your hotel property and / or hotel business. Hundreds of daily targeted visitors browse through the hotel for sale adverts published on HotelBeam, Thousand+ hotel buyers are registered and only waiting to receive a notification that your hotel for sale ad has been published. The hotel properties for sale that can be advertised are limited to hotels, motels, resorts, B&Bs and similar accommodation properties.

Sell Hotel Project

There is an audience interested also in selling hotel properties which are not fully developed or not yet operational so we allow adverts for these type of properties or so called hotel projects. Hotel projects at various stages of development can be advertised though a bare piece of land would not qualify unless a professional and existing hotel project can be posted. Some hoteliers advertise selling of a share or finding a partner to invest in a existing hotel project.

Lease Hotel

A number of hotel properties are leased or managed with agreement between owner and managing company or operator. Hotels for Lease adverts are welcome.

How To Buy My Hotel | Register as Hotel Buyer

Register as Hotel Buyer and you will be the first to know when a new advert or revised advert is published. You can chose a region a type of advert and how often you want to be notified, this is an increasingly popular feature between hotel buyers. If you already registered as a Hotel Buyer you can always visit the Hotel Buyer Login page to change your settings.

Find Hotel For Sale

Check our hotels for sale adverts categorized by region. If you'd like to buy a hotel, motel, resort or B&B property you will find here a wide range of properties for sale advertised, from the small hotel property to the big luxury property.

Hotel Business Opportunity

Some of you may be interested in buying a hotel project or hotel business share, leasing / renting a hotel or supporting a hotel investment, you will find here many opportunities advertised.


More info can be found in the Hotels for Sale Frequently Asked Questions.

Scam and Frauds

Sellers and Buyers are trying to do a great job but some other people are just pretending to be sellers or buyers and of course trying to scam you. We are not qualified to give you professional advice on selling or buying a hotel and suggest that, unless you are one of the best professionals yourself, you look for advice from a real and professional person. Please find some info about scam and fraud and note that we have no control on sellers, buyers and people who will contact you with regards to your business via HotelBeam. Please refer also to our website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for important info and disclaimers.

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