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Scout's Place Hotel-Restaurant Bar - For Sale in Netherlands Antilles

The hotel is a landmark business on a beautiful nature island in the Caribbean. It offers full customer service from airport pick up to restaurant booking. The island itself is almost crime free and well-known for its beauty and unspoiled dive sites.

Hospitality real estate:

  • Country: Netherlands Antilles
  • City/Area: Saba Island
  • Website:
  • Last updated d/m/y: 26/11/2017
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whole property
whole property
hotel pool
hotel pool
bar restaurant
bar restaurant
Moreover, the hotel has its own pool, tropical patio, 13 rooms in three categories, a kitchen storage rooms, maintenance shop, laundry, reception (front and back office), close relations to several tour operators and many online booking sites. We cooperate closely with all dive centers on the island. 50 European, 40 North American and 10 other customers.70 occupancy rate all your round. Also, business and government travels use our services on a regular basis. The property size is 1050 sq meters. Since are under Dutch ruling there is comprehensive health care, a hospital, an airport with good access and frequent flights daily and several ferry services. It's easy to reach the island from Europe or North America.

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