Boutique Hotel for sale with great income. Located just 3 hrs. South of the Border in Sonora. Real Estate

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Boutique Hotel for sale with great income. Located just 3 hrs. South of the Border in Sonora. - For Sale in Mexico

This Eco Friendly Resort has a bar, restaurant and 10 rooms and two apartments. We even own property next-door for expansion. Our plans are to sail around the world, but we need to sell a winning business before we disembark on that journey. This is

Hospitality real estate:

  • Country: Mexico
  • City/Area: Banámichi, Sonora, Mexico 3 hrs. South of Bisbee or Nogales
  • Website:
  • Asking Price: USD - 695,000
  • Last updated d/m/y: 1/12/2017
  • To contact the hotel owner or agent:
  • more contacts may be provided by advertiser in description below
Located on the Plaza Principal/Zocalo is a grand old adobe structure that was once General Pedilla's home. It has been completely remodeled and has updated wiring, air conditioning, plumbing, gas, sewer and more. The hotel and restaurant business is buttressed by a local Canadian Gold and Silver Mine, plus we have an ever-expanding base of Eco Travelers.
Many celebrities have stayed here and returned. We have had Most Favored press in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, and in guide books like The Lonely Planet and The Rough Guide. It is easily the coolest hotel in Sonora. It is safe, clean and much like stepping back in time. Sonora has the highest per capita income of any state in Mexico. It is so safe that most people do not even lock their doors. Safe for elders or kids to be on the streets both day and night.
With a new Plaza update across the street, we are in the best part of a small pueblo that is considered by many as the starting point of all sorts of significant culture and history for not only Northwest Mexico, but the Southwest USA as well. We are asking only $695k for what can easily bring in $100k or more after paying all taxes and 5 employees salaries. That is well over 15 R.O.I. annually and has a solid track record.
By expanding on what our restaurant has to offer and perhaps taking on more of the day to day responsibilities, and energetic couple could feasibly double that income. With 50 or more down, we would even entertain the idea of financing part of the sales price allowing you to set yourself up with a very prosperous retirement for as little as $350k down. Why wait for the USD$ to continue to shrink? Why risk your life savings in a 401k or IRA when you can have a solid, 5 star winner that produces WONDERFUL return on investment while affording you the chance to meet the Most Interesting people?
Call me, Darrin Jones at (256) 214-0633 cell or email me at
My Wife, Cheri and I have had a great 5 years (almost, in Fall of '14), but we have a Life Time Goal of circumnavigating the globe on our own yacht and we are getting ready to want to cast away those lines. We bought this amazing place from the son of the Jolly Rancher Candy family and he spared no expense on decorating the place with art, furniture and more from all around the world. We have updated everything from the roof down to the below the foundation. It is ready for many years of great income with an amazing staff and a long list of returning guests and groups. You will NOT find another opportunity like this ANYWHERE!

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