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North America Hotels

Canada,   Mexico. United States: Alabama,   Alaska,   Arizona,   Arkansas,   California,   Colorado,   Connecticut,   Delaware,   Florida,   Georgia,   Hawaii,   Idaho,   Illinois,   Indiana,   Iowa,   Kansas,   Kentucky,   Louisiana,   Maine,   Maryland,   Massachusetts,   Michigan,   Minnesota,   Mississippi,   Missouri,   Montana,   Nebraska,   Nevada,   New Hampshire,   New Jersey,   New Mexico,   New York,   North Carolina,   Ohio,   Oklahoma,   Oregon,   Pennsylvania,   Rhode Island,   South Carolina,   South Dakota,   Tennessee,   Texas,   Utah,   Vermont,   Virginia,   Washington,   Washington DC,   West Virginia,   Wisconsin,   Wyoming.

Central & South America, West Indies & Caribbean Hotels

Antigua and Barbuda,   Argentina,   Aruba,   Bahamas,   Barbados,   Belize,   Bermuda,   Bolivia,   Brazil,   Cayman Islands,   Chile,   Colombia,   Costa Rica,   Cuba,   Dominica,   Dominican Republic,   Ecuador,   El Salvador,   Grenada,   Guadeloupe,   Guatemala,   Guyana,   Haiti,   Honduras,   Jamaica,   Netherlands Antilles,   Nicaragua,   Panama,   Paraguay,   Peru,   Puerto Rico,   Saint Kitts and Nevis,   Saint Lucia,   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,   Suriname,   Trinidad and Tobago,   Turks and Caicos Islands,   Uruguay,   Virgin Islands (British),   Virgin Islands (U.S.).

Europe Hotels

Albania,   Austria,   Belgium,   Bosnia and Herzegovina,   Bulgaria,   Croatia,   Cyprus,   Czech Republic,   Denmark,   Estonia,   France,   Germany,   Gibraltar,   Greece,   Hungary,   Iceland,   Ireland,   Italy,   Kosovo,   Latvia,   Lithuania,   Luxembourg,   Macedonia,   Malta,   Moldova,   Monaco,   Netherlands,   Norway,   Poland,   Portugal,   Romania,   Russian Federation,   Serbia and Montenegro,   Slovakia,   Slovenia,   Spain,   Sweden,   Switzerland,   Turkey,   UK - Great Britain,   Ukraine.

Africa Hotels

Algeria,   Botswana,   Burkina Faso,   Burundi,   Cameroon,   Cape Verde,   Comoros,   Congo,   Democratic Republic Congo,   Egypt,   Ethiopia,   Gambia,   Ghana,   Kenya,   Lesotho,   Libya,   Madagascar,   Malawi,   Mauritius,   Morocco,   Mozambique,   Namibia,   Nigeria,   Rwanda,   Senegal,   Seychelles,   Sierra Leone,   South Africa,   Sudan,   Swaziland,   Tanzania,   Tunisia,   Uganda,   Zambia,   Zimbabwe.

Asia Hotels

Afghanistan,   Armenia,   Azerbaijan,   Bahrain,   Bangladesh,   Bhutan,   Brunei Darussalam,   Cambodia,   China,   Georgia,   Hong Kong,   India,   Indonesia,   Iran,   Iraq,   Israel,   Japan,   Jordan,   Kazakhstan,   Korea (South),   Kuwait,   Kyrgyzstan,   Laos,   Lebanon,   Macau,   Malaysia,   Maldives,   Myanmar,   Mongolia,   Nepal,   Oman,   Pakistan,   Palestine,   Philippines,   Qatar,   Saudi Arabia,   Singapore,   Sri Lanka,   Syria,   Taiwan,   Tajikistan,   Thailand,   United Arab Emirates,   Uzbekistan,   Vietnam,   Yemen.

Australia & Oceania Hotels

Australia,   Cook Islands,   Fiji,   French Polynesia,   Guam,   Kiribati,   Marshall Islands,   Micronesia,   New Caledonia,   New Zealand,   Palau,   Papua New Guinea,   Samoa,   Tonga,   Vanuatu.

Today's featured hotel page: Siora Maria StudiosSiora Maria Studios in Kefalonia.

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This Hotel Directory vs. Hotel Search Engines:

With so many hotels out there, your search for hotels in search engines will mainly find hotel review and hotel booking websites. Hotel review and booking websites don't like sharing the hotel email, telephone number or the hotel website, that will spoil their business which is to earn commissions on hotel bookings. This is where HotelBeam tries to help, any hotel which has its own official website can register in HotelBeam hotel directory. The directory shows the precious hotel contact information that others are hiding, in such way connecting the likely hotel guests directly with the hotels. In fact the hotel info present on HotelBeam is provided by the hotels themselves. And remember, if a hotel is listed, the link to the hotel website as a minimum is available.

Contacting the Hotels Directly:

There are good reasons to contact the hotels directly before booking and traveling so let's just mention a few, but you may have more reasons to contact the hotel: 1) Ask a quotation for your stay directly to the hotel and verify if those deals proposed by hotel booking websites are actually good. Remember also that hotels pay huge commissions to the booking websites so we trust hotels love to make reservations directly with the final customer and pass some benefit to the hotel guest. 2) Only the hotel knows the property in detail and can suggest a specific room to your requirements or answer questions about the services provided by the hotel. 3) The hotel may help you with valuable local info, transport and directions. 4) Only the hotel can negotiate with you some discount or a nice upgrade in case they have low occupancy or for a long stay of several days. We hope this will help you to find the best hotel for your needs and plan a successul leisure or business trip.

Direct Hotel Bookings:

If you are looking for a hotel and its contacts, most likely you need a hotel room and you are going to check prices and make a reservation. We suggest to always consider two options, i.e. comparing the rates offered by OTAs - Online Travel Agencies as, tripadvisor and expedia to name a few - with the rates offered directly by the hotel. To compare apples with apples, inclusions and exclusions of each offer need to be clear - think about breakfast or access to SPA, etc., things that can make a big difference in your stay quality or in the price. Cancellation and no-show policies of each offer also need to be clear. Consider that some rates do not allow changes or cancellations and are risky if you change travel plans unexpectedly.

How this Hotel Websites List is Updated:

Information in this hotel list is initially provided then maintained by the hotels. We do our best to ensure that the hotel listings are maintained accurate by: Checking that hotel responds to a confirmation email we send out regularly or checking that hotel logs in regularly; Checking that the link to the hotel website is valid; Removing obsolete hotel listings if and as soon we spot them. It would be an impossible task to check that the hotel information provided is correct and in fact we do not check or guarantee it. If you are interested in a hotel, you should check directly with the hotel that the information which matters to you is correct and not rely on what is published here. The hotels can register with the Add My Hotel form and enter the Hotel Control Panel via Hotel Login at any time. We review each submission and list only official hotel websites. We welcome comments especially if you have a suggestion or would like to report an obsolete listing. The better news for hoteliers and guests alike is that this website is commissions free.

Thanks to our guests and to hotels for your continuous support!
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