This unique hotel is situated directly on a beach in the Caribbean Sea. There is plenty of nature to enjoy as a beautiful coral reef in front of the hotel that offers good conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling. There is a small village called Capurgana close by which is a very famous Colombian holiday spot for Eco-tourism. There are no cars or roads in the whole area, transport is done by horses or by boat. Because of the unique environment the area is the top honeymoon destination in Colombia. Our guests are mostly couples who enjoy the intimate and cozy ambiance. The setting is a haven of peace for all your senses. It is the perfect place to spent a romantic holiday and relax.

The property includes:

– approx. 105 meters sea/beach front (344 feet)

– approx. 10.000 qm2 lot ( 1 hectare, 2.47 acre)

– en total 9 buildings (total approx. 578 qm2 – 6222 sq. ft. / 5 individual bungalows + one bungalow with 4 rooms, kitchen, staff & storage room, restaurant, laundry, private house of the owner/resort manager and a second private house with large terrace & kitchen)

– a capacity to serve 24 people.

– the hotel is connected with the local electricity system – 110 Volt

– water supply is provided from a mountain spring and stored in 8 tanks with a total capacity of 16.000 Liters (4.226 gallon)

– waste water system is connected to 3 septic tank systems

– the hotel’s website and Domains

– No hurricanes

The hotel was created and build in 2007-2008 by the German owner with the idea to run a business as well as to enjoy the spot privately.



0057 314 812 27 27


Bahía Lodge, El Aguacate, Acandí, Chocó, Colombia


Private Pool, Restaurant

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