Feather Hill Inn - vacation rental, event venue, wellness retreat venue and meeting space located in Pomfret CT. The Famous Feather Hill Estate is located in the scenic community of Pomfret, Connecticut and is ideal location for a variety of events such as; Company/corporate events, Wellness Retreats, small, Intimate Weddings, and family events and reunions, birthday parties and friend gatherings. The Historic Feather Hill Estate Mansion Main House has 7 Gorgeous and impeccable decorated Bedrooms with Egyptian Cotton sheets and pillow covers, Tempur-Pedic state of art mattresses and 6 Luxury Suites with 6 Fully Private bathrooms, an Amazingly extensive and State of ART Chef’s delight kitchen, 2 Gorgeous Living Rooms & family room, 2 Very large Televisions with Superfast WIFI, FULL Spectrum Gold packages, HULU, cozy fireplaces, and indoor & outdoor event venue space with a countryside backdrop, Incredibly intricate stonework done by master masons, OVER 10 Acres to enjoy with Last Green Valley Trail. State of art propane grill, smoker, outdoor sitting areas patios and decks. This recently renovated property offers extensive amenities and accommodations and combines am historic setting with progressive features and technologies. This will be a SPECIAL experience and property is listed in the Green Book for being ahead of it's time for many decades in accommodating all.




151 Mashamoquet Rd.

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  • 151 Mashamoquet Road, Pomfret Center, Connecticut 06259, United States

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  • Caroline
    September 19, 2022 at 11:21 pm


    Like so many of the other recent reviews have said, if we could give this rental zero stars, we would.

    My fiancé and I wanted to share the truly upsetting and unsettling experience we had at Feather Hill Inn in Pomfret this weekend. We stayed at the rental property with our wedding party as it was less than 15 minutes from Allen Hill Farm. We think it is incredibly important to share our experience with you all as it truly impacted our mental health and has completely ruined the “day after” our wedding. Thankfully, the actually wedding day was not ruined, just borderline awful.

    Kai Kunz is the property manager of the rental property and from the moment of signing the contract on, it was difficult to get in touch with him. We sent the rental contract on 1/13 and after not hearing back fo over 10 days, I commented on the deposit we paid via Venmo for the space saying, “wanted to make sure that we are all set for 9/15 to 9/18. I sent an email on 1/13 but have not heard back yet.” The only piece of confirmation information I received for our booking was a “yes your all set” via a comment on the Venmo deposit on which I had commented. He refused to answer any emails regarding out stay despite the email being listed as a method of contact.

    When we arrived at our rental on Thursday afternoon, the first thing we noticed was that the number of parking spaces promised was incorrect. In the driveway, in spaces that were supposed to be reserved for the wedding party, sat several (3) broken down or stationary vehicles. The retaining wall near the entrance was fallen down and in the pathway. The hose was unraveled and spread across the pathway to the back of the house. There was a pair of used socks behind a Keurig machine. There was what appeared to be wood chips in our bed the first night. We have photos of all of this.

    All of this, we took with a grain of salt. We had more important things to be focused on!

    But then Friday morning arrived and my fiancé and several of our wedding party tried to shower. The water was lukewarm at best. We thought perhaps the showers needed to be more staggered but we continued to have issues with the water. By 11 p.m. on Friday, when I was ready to shower to prep for my wedding day, the water was ice cold. It was clear that something was wrong with the water heater or gas line or oil .

    I waited until 8 a.m. to contact Kai after more wedding party members tried to shower in the morning with the same ice cold water when turned all the way to “hot” on the dial. He took 90 minutes to let us know that someone was coming out that day to look at the house. By this point, I was 3 hours from leaving the venue and we had multiple wedding party members leave the property and drive to other locations to shower with warm water.

    Kai was condescending and offered suggestion such as “you might have to do shorter rotating showers but workable”. All of this was happening while I was getting my hair and makeup done. At one point, he completely changed gears and claimed that the house was on natural gas lines and that they were “doing work down the road” that impacted the hot water. We searched all of the natural gas providers in the state and according to their websites, that portion of the state does not have natural gas lines. We also reached out to the city of Pomfret about utility work taking place in Pomfret that may affect the address of Feather Hill Inn and received confirmation that the ONLY utility work being done from 9/15 to present was on fiber optics.

    We did not her from Kai again in any way for the remainder of our stay.

    We vacated the property after we cleaned the property, which included putting 4 50-gallon garbage bags and 2 50-gallon recycling bags into my personal vehicle along with my wedding dress and decor, to take away because all 3 trash cans were bursting full. It was listed in the welcome binder that guests were responsible for removing trash from the property if the cans were full but when we arrived, all 3 large, town cans were already full. I asked if there were any other options for trash on Saturday while getting ready and he never answered that question at any point.

    When we returned home, I wrote a strongly worded message to Kai, expecting a partial refund for the multiple short-comings of the property, mainly the lack of hot water and the trash situation. In these messages, he suggested that we did not reach out to him about anything but the hot water (I have a screenshot proving otherwise), that we should have “just asked” and then when I said we were going to pursue legal action, he became hostile and said he was going to as well based on the “condition” of the house. The condition of the house was better than we found it as there was no wood chips in the bed or used clothing left on the kitchen counter/appliances. It felt as if he was threatening to lie to sue us? It made no sense and was incredibly aggressive.

    We were genuinely upset and scared by the hostile responses we received. My now husband and I still feel we were entitled to at least some sort of monetary reimbursement but know we will not receive it unless we involve an outside party (i.e. a lawyer) and that is simply just not worth our time and energy at this point.

    We reached out to every single wedding vendor we worked with this past weekend and told them of our experience so they could warn others about staying far, far away from this property and others owned by the same family.

    Google reviews have impact and we hope this review, along with the other negative reviews, will dissuade you and your loved ones from even considering staying here. When we booked, the property was owned and operated by someone else and the reviews were fabulous. You can tell based on the reviews the moment the property changed hands.






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