Vacation Village Resorts is a leading timeshare company offering deeded real estate interests at more than 50 resort properties. We are the largest and fastest growing employee-owned timeshare company in the world.

We believe that vacations should be affordable and fun and that is exactly what we strive to deliver to our owners and guests. We provide beautiful accommodations and friendly, knowledgeable staff so each of your vacations with us will generate a lifetime of wonderful memories. All of our employees are dedicated to keeping luxury vacations within the reach of every family so that all will experience a better quality of life.

We have built more than 10,000 units at nine major dedicated timeshare resorts across the United States and have acquired an interest in more than 50 additional resort properties. We've partnered with RCI and Interval International, the two largest vacation exchange companies in the world, so that our owners may enjoy the flexibility of vacationing at timeshare resorts throughout the world.

Resort Locations:
- Las Vegas
- Orlando
- South Florida
- Williamsburg
- Massanutten
- The Berkshires




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