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Hotel Directory FAQs

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What is HotelBeam hotel websites directory?

A directory of hotels where visitors can find the link to the hotel website and the hotel basic info. If provided by hotel we also show additional hotel info as video, pictures, descriptions, offers, news, last minute.

We list hotels, motels, b&bs, inns, resorts and hostels type accommodations which have their own website.

How about hotel bookings?

We are alternative to hotel booking services, we want guests to contact the hotel and make bookings directly with the hotel, this is why we make easy for our visitors to find here the hotel website and hotel contacts. Of course there are no commissions to be paid by hotels or guests since we do not make bookings.

How much does it cost for a hotel to be listed?

The paid hotel listing option currently costs 59.00 Euros, this is a one time non refundable fee for review of the listing submission. To submit a paid hotel listing, the log-in email used can be any valid email address, see more info about hotel paid listing.

The free hotel listing option is not available any more for new submissions, this is due to the costs of keeping this hotel directory.

Why I can't find my hotel listing any more? What can I do?

We review free and paid listings regularly in order to keep the hotel directory quality. Poor quality listings are deleted without notice based on our exclusive decision. See below the main reasons we experience for removal of a hotel:

- Hotel website reasons, for instance: Not found; Returns a server error; Redirects to a non relevant website; Hosted free or does not have its own domain; Managed by a OTA (Online Travel Agency as BookingSuite or similar); Contains, or generates pop windows with, advertisement or spam; Poses a security threat as identified by a browser or by a search engine; Is just a landing page for a hotel chain website.

- Listing info reasons, for instance: Inappropriate wording or media; Spam wording or media.

- Free hotel listings may also be removed if a hotel, which has not logged in for more than 10 weeks, fails repeatedly to click on a confirmation link sent to the hotel log-in email.

If you feel your hotel can now be reconsidered, kindly resubmit your hotel and we will be glad to review it.

Which type of websites are accepted in this hotels directory?

We list exclusively official websites of hotels, motels, b&bs, inns, resorts, hostels. Each website is reviewed for acceptance. Quality of website matters, please refer also to the agreement. A chain hotel must have its own website and not just be a landing page which direct visitors to the chain website functionalities. Free hosting, free domain and sub-domain hotel websites are not accepted.

We do not list commission based hotel websites managed by OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) as BookingSuite and similar others. In fact our hotel directory puts guests in direct contact with hotels with the aim of facilitating direct hotel bookings which are free from agency commissions.

In general this hotel directory does not list self-catering accommodations or very small b&bs unless the services they provide are deemed by us to make them suitable for inclusion. We do not list house rental or similar websites.

Does hotel directory provide a control panel?

All approved listings include a custom-built control panel. This administration area provide 24/7 hotel login for editing of account, hotel website listing and hotel page.

What kind of network does the hotel directory rely upon?

This hotel directory is hosted by a reputable provider with the goal of maximum redundancy and 100% uptime. Despite using reputable hosting services we can not and do not provide any guarantee that servers or connections will be working at all times and that there will not be loss of data.

What kind of support does the hotel directory provide?

The hotel directory listings are managed on-line by Users through a dedicated control panel. Where indicated by the system or for other needs our support email is available.

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