Hotels for Sale in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka for a long time was engaged in a civil war, but since that ended in 2009, tourism to the country has grown significantly each year. The Ceylon Tourist Board is responsible for tourism in the country. The top three countries which tourists come from include: India, China and the United Kingdom. There are many natural attractions for tourists to visit and Sri Lanka has a high level of biodiversity, with around 13% of the country designated as a Wildlife Protected Area. Sri Lanka is well known for its beaches, it also has a rich Buddhist culture with its temples attracting tourists from around the world.

Foreigners cannot buy land in Sri Lanka, but 99 leases are available. A residency visa can be obtained by investing at least US$250,000 in the country. They also have a retiree visa program under the My Dream Home Visa program.

If a foreigner intends to buy property in Sri Lanka, money from overseas must be sent through a Securities Investment Account (SIA). The accounts are also known as Inward Investment Accounts (IIAs). If the property is then sold, the money can then be taken out of the country using the same account, in the same currency the money was first deposited in.

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Hotels for Sale and Lease in Sri Lanka