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<a href="" target="_blank" title="Hotel directory"><img src="" alt="Hotel directory" /></a>

Copy and paste the text above into your blog or website and it will show a small image like this:

Text Link

Listed on a free <a href="" target="_blank">hotel directory</a>.


Copy and paste the code below to display this banner on your hotel website or blog.

<div style="padding:0 7px 0 7px;width:140px;height:140px;background: #34495e;border-radius:5px;text-align:center;letter-spacing:1px;display:table-cell;vertical-align:middle;">
        <div style="color: white;font-family:Arial;font-size:11px;">Listed on</div>
        <a target="_blank" href="">
            <img style="width:125px;height:25px" src="" alt="Hotelbeam hotel directory" >
        <img style="width:84px;height:14px;" src="" alt="Five star rating on Hotelbeam">
        <a target="_blank" style="color:white;opacity:0.85;font-size:11px;font-family:Arial;text-decoration:underline;" href=""></a>

It will display something like this:

Listed on
Hotelbeam hotel directory Five star rating on Hotelbeam