Hotels for Sale FAQs

Hotels for Sale FAQs

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What is HotelBeam Hotels for Sale?

A website where owners and agents, "Sellers", can publish an advert and where interested visitors can view adverts and contact the advertiser. Interested visitors, "Buyers", can also register to receive alerts when a new advert is published.

Advert must concern selling or renting one hospitality property or business or project of the following types: hotel, motel, inn, b&b, hostel, resort, campground.

How much does it cost to register as buyer?

It is free to register as hotel buyer and receive alerts, it has been free for a long time, we hope to keep it that way though we reserve the right to change this in future.

How much does it cost to register as hotel seller and publish an advert?

The premium advert currently costs 159.00 Euros for one year but you can register free for one week and publish an advert before you decide to make a payment. Register as hotel seller now, if you are happy with our system pay within one week from registration otherwise after this time we will just delete your account. Once you make the payment, you advert will be shown as a premium advertPremium Property Advert. Your hotel for sale advert will be seen by visitors of this website and by registered buyers who will get notified about your advert.

The free advert is not available any more due to the costs of keeping this hotels for sale site.

Why I can't log-in or I can't find my hotel for sale advert any more?

We review accounts and adverts regularly in order to maintain the quality of this website. If deemed required by us, accounts are deleted without notice based on our exclusive decision. See below the main reasons for us to delete an account:

- The log-in email, which is the primary point of contact for the account and for service communications to advertisers or buyers, can not be reached or return errors.
- A hotel seller, who has not logged in for more than 4 weeks, fails repeatedly to click on a confirmation link sent to the account log-in email.
- Advert is not specific for one property; The property advertised is not of the type accepted; Advert is mainly promoting advertiser services although a property is featured; Editorial quality of advert is poor (short descriptions, poor writing, unprofessional, etc..); Advert contains spam type wording or media.

Which type of properties for sale can be advertised?

We accept adverts for accommodation properties, businesses or projects which are of the following types: hotel, motel, inn, b&b, hostel, resort or campground. One advert can contain only one specific property listed as follows: For sale; For lease; Project.

Does hotels for sale provide a control panel?

All approved accounts include a custom-built control panel. These administration areas provide 24/7 hotel seller login for editing of account / advert and 24/7 hotel buyer login for editing of account / buyer preferences.

What kind of network does hotels for sale rely upon?

This hotels for sale website is hosted by a reputable provider with the goal of maximum redundancy and 100% uptime. Despite using reputable hosting services we can not and do not provide any guarantee that servers or connections will be working at all times and that there will not be loss of data.

What kind of support does hotels for sale provide?

The hotel seller and hotel buyer functions are managed online by Users through a control panel. Where indicated by the system or for other needs our support email is available.

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