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Online scams and frauds, be aware of cyber criminals

Dear All, if you are trying to market hotel rooms, book hotel rooms, sell / buy / lease hotel properties, or to enter into any business or other type of deal with persons connected / met through or by means of this website, you should know that you could be dealing with scammers and fraudsters. The possibility to fall victim of a scam or a fraud exists for Users of any website and there is no reason to think that our website is better or worse than others in this respect.

To protect yourself and/or your business you will have to be careful and prepared in case of scam and fraud attempts.

Protect yourself from scam and fraud is not responsible to tell Users how to conduct their business but we think that raising the scam and fraud subjects at least could be of help to someone.

If you are not prepared or do not have the right experience, skills or confidence to conduct a business or other deal why not looking for assistance or advice by a more competent person or organization?

To gather some knowledge of how online scams and frauds take place you could start from a Google search for: online scams, online frauds, hotel scam, hotel fraud, property scam, property fraud, business scam, business fraud. That will not make anyone an expert, but having some knowledge of the most common scams and frauds will help.

Getting professional advice would be a good idea before entering any deal or making any payment, this to avoid becoming a victim of scam or fraud. has no agent nor intermediary role

This website allows users to register accounts, publish information, contact persons. It is not possible for us to check, therefore we don't provide any confirmation or guarantee about, the identity of users and persons, the trueness or correctness of accounts and information published. can not and do not act as an agent or intermediary between Users in any kind of business or deal originated by the use on website. can not and do not protect Users from scam and frauds or any other kind of offence that can originate from using the website.

Users proposing or accepting any kind of business or deal via the website are responsible to behave properly and to protect themselves from scams and frauds or any other kind of offence that can originate from using the website.

We are providing the above information to raise awareness of the subject!

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