Welcome to the all new HotelBeam!

It brings me a great deal of joy to announce that Hotelbeam is slowly getting back up and running. The site was originally launched in 2005 and later disbanded around 2018. My aim is to give the site a fresh, modern look, make it easy for hotel owners to add their properties and give people a truly free place to find and book hotels without having to pay commissions.

There is still a huge amount of work to get the site completely up and running, but the site is starting to show up again in the search engines and we have even had a few people add their hotels and some hotels for sale.

I am based in Indonesia, so it is exciting to see listings from across the globe getting added. My goal now for the site is to have four main sections:

– a global hotel/accommodation directory
– a real estate section for people interested in selling their hotels or accommodation businesses
– event listings for hotel and hospitality conferences and trade shows
– listings for software and web apps that can be used by hoteliers to run their hotels efficiently and to get more bookings for their business.

So, it is a bit of a mixture of business to consumer and business to business content. It’s hard to say exactly where the focus of the site is going to head, but that is what I would like to focus on for now.

If you have any ideas or feedback for the site, please do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch.


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