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Welcome to Hotels for Sale! We feature hospitality properties and businesses for sale, for lease and projects. Kindly refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which apply to anyone visiting or using this website, Frequently Asked Questions and scam advice.

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If your question is "how to sell my hotel", we give you the opportunity to register and advertise your hotel for sale or hotel for lease or hotel project on this website. For first week from registration it is free to try our system and you can have your advert up and running in few minutes. Payment is required within first week from registration otherwise your account and advert will be automatically deleted.

We have hundreds of unique daily targeted visitors from search engines and a database of hotel buyers who are notified about your hotel for sale, lease or project adverts. This is a valuable market place for you to advertise your hotel for sale.

We welcome adverts to sell or rent the following type of hospitality properties, businesses or ongoing projects: hotels, motels, inns, b&bs, hostels, resorts, campgrounds. Only one property or complex can be advertised for each account but you can register more accounts if you need to advertise more properties. This agreement applies to registered users.

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If you are interested in hotels for sale, hotels for rent or hotel projects, register as hotel buyer and you will be the first to know when a new advert or revised advert is published on this website. You can select one or more regions and also decide how often you want to be notified. This agreement applies to registered users.

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