Heli Skiing in Canada – The Most Satisfying Addiction You will Ever Have

The thrilling sport of heli-skiing was invented in Canada. Both, pro athletes and sports enthusiasts consider Canada as one of the best travel destinations for playing extreme winter sports such as heli-skiing and snowboarding. It is estimated that more than 50% of the world’s entire helicopter skiing takes place in British Columbia.

Today, Canada houses some of the best ski resorts in the world with more than 12 heli-ski tour companies operating in British Columbia. Situated on the western coasts of Canada, British Columbia consists of some of the world’s biggest vertical terrains specifically reserved for aerial snow sports.

Popular Resorts and Lodges for Heli-Skiing in Canada

The province of British Columbia is dominated by some of the world’s biggest mountain ranges that get covered with fresh powdery snow during the winter months.

Canada offers a variety of different ski resorts and lodges to tourists and travelers. Here, you can find a mix of both; luxurious as well as budget-friendly ski resorts. Therefore, whether you are on a tight budget or looking for more luxurious accommodations; you can surely find a ski resort that suits your needs and is within your budget as well.

Some of the most popular resorts in Canada for heli-skiers are the Revelstoke mountain resort, Fernie Alpine Resort, and Whistler, however, it is recommended to do some planning and online research before selecting a ski resort or lodge for your heli-ski trip to Canada.

How to Select the Right Tour Package for Heli-Skiing in Canada

Although most of the popular ski resorts of Canada are situated in central British Columbia, however, you can find some amazing ski resorts in every province of the country, especially in the northern areas that are considered as one of the best places to enjoy extreme heli-skiing in Canada.

There are a variety of different tour operators that operate in Canada. Each tour operator offers a different tour package that can be customized according to the needs and interests of the tourists.

Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or family, it is possible to find a tour package that is according to your preferences. For example, you can either go for a multiple or a single day package and stay at a resort or in a secluded mountain lodge.

Best Resorts for Heli-Skiing in Canada

CMH (Canadian Mountain Heli-skiing) is one of the biggest and oldest heli-skiing operators in Canada. CMH offers a variety of different heli-ski packages for over 10 different ski destinations and 12 different ski lodges for tourists to stay in British Columbia.

Selkirk Tangiers is another popular heli-ski destination that is located in Revelstoke in Canada. Here, you can find both; single day as well as multiple-day tour packages. Tourists who visit Selkirk Tangiers usually stay at the Hillcrest Hotel where they get picked up right from their hotel via helicopter for heli-skiing.

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing is another great option for heli-skiing and snowboarding and is situated near Blue River in British Columbia. The resort offers multiple-day tour packages and the guests get to stay at the resort’s own skiing village located next to the River Blue community area.

The Great Canadian Heli-skiing is one of the few tour operators that operate close to the airport area. Known for offering thrilling boutique heli-skiing adventures to travelers, The Great Canadian Heli-skiing prefers to work with smaller ski groups and offers multiple-day tour packages that are probably the most affordable ones available in the country.

Whistler Heli-skiing is one of the largest tour operators in the country that offers private and exclusive heli-ski trips along with both; single as well as multiple-day tour packages.

Northern Escape Heli-skiing is situated in a secluded locale of British Columbia. This is a great option for those who wish to be closer to nature during their heli-ski adventure. Here, you get to stay at a private lodge that is situated near the forest. The resort has an outdoor bar and is a less expensive option for heli-skiing in the northwest of British Columbia.


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